About Us


We provide the finest quality Jacket Repair and spa service in the world.




Our aims are to ensure we are always exceeding our customers expectations, with all aspects of Jacket Repairs.
We offer all our customers a FREE appraisal service of every item of leather or fabric for repair or restoration, this is one of the many services, that sets us apart from our competitors and makes us different.


The process we go through to repair Leather Jackets and accessories and other items is one of the finest in the industry, we are always looking to develop our products further to ensure we are always two steps ahead of the competition, we constantly test items to ensure we are using the finest restoration and repair products possible.


21 day Repair Service!

We’ve developed a system that will enable us to repair your jacket within 21 days! No more waiting for weeks and weeks wondering where your beloved item is! We GUARANTEE that your jacket will be repaired within 21 days, or – we will repair it for FREE! How does that sound?! The Jacket Spa leading the way in Jacket repairs and restorations.